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Attention Women Business Owners: 
Marketing Your Business Can be Fun & Effective! 

Imagine how good it would feel to finally have focus, systems, guidance, and community to help you market your business. 


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An 8-week vibrant online class experience, exclusively for women business owners to build their network and audience, marketing savvy, and business momentum.

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The Struggle is Real...

Starting or re-starting your business is a challenge in itself, but the hardest part can be finding the right clients. 

When it comes to letting the world know your business exists, maybe you've found yourself...
•  performing what we call "random acts of marketing", without a strategy? 
•  feeling a bit burned out from all you've tried?
•  unclear where to focus your efforts? 
•  networking everywhere and anywhere trying to find your people?
•  afraid of feeling salesy?
•  lacking momentum or energy to, "do your marketing"?
•  afraid of rejection?

Oh yeah -- I've been there!

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It feels incredible to have started a business at ground zero with no contacts (or confidence), to having built a network of thousands of ideal customers, earned incredible influence & soul-sister friendships, and the freedom to work almost entirely by referral

...all without feeling like I had to sell myself out or be something I'm not. 

Ten years ago when the love for my dying father prompted me, I picked up and unexpectedly moved cross country. I was still new in business at the time and having to already start over was scary!

Landing in a new town, I tried doing all the things the business books said to get clients. Going everywhere and anywhere to meet people, but not getting traction or sense of connection, and I'll be honest, it was soul-sucking exhausting.

I knew if I was going to be successful, I needed to be around other courageous women. 

I set out on a mission to find others like me, ambitious, driven, creative, and guts to do something about all these dreams! 

I found them! Thousands of women with brilliant ideas, passion for a cause, and a fresh perspective in their industry that I knew were total Changemakers.

But what I noticed next was really surprising!

Within a few years, or even months, more than half of them would give up, and quit their business.

One day they'd be passing out expensive marketing materials, and the next i'd hear they got a job. 

My heart broke. 💔

As my businesses continue expanding  year after year, while so many others flopped, I had to take a closer look at what was happening.

I saw the problem.

They had resistance when it came to marketing, so they'd run out of clients, energy, & money.  

Just like that. The clever biz name, fancy website, and whole dream to solve a problem for someone was shelved and they went to work for someone else.

This realization amplified my Moxie and put me on mission to be part of the solution to help women succeed at business.

Let me teach you some marketing principals to build a dream community around you of ideal clients, collaborators, and sphere of influence.

You can learn to LOVE marketing, and I'm the guide to help you!

I designed this Boot Camp as a short, intensive training to amplify your energy, confidence, and skillset so you can grow your business NOW!

Let's do this together -- I got you!

- Dill Ward